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The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT gets more explosive variants!

06/24/2016 13:10:55
The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT gets more explosive variants!
At the unveiling of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R, the director of AMG GT has revealed that more models must be awaited in the nearest future.

Have you seen the new Mercedes? What do we think about it? First of all it will definitely be at the top of the most wanted 2018 cars, but at the same time we needed to find out some more information on the model and if there are other models to come soon.



At the unveiling of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R, the director of AMG GT has revealed that more models must be awaited in the nearest future. More additional future variants for street and track use were promised. Considering how great looks this green vehicle, what else could they prepare for us? The AMG GT4 racecar will sit below the GT3 customer racer and will split the difference between the new GT R and the GT3. Knowing that a race-ready AMG GT3 has a price tag of more than $400.000 made us think that the GT4 will be not so expensive, more approachable for the gentleman racer. What expectations do we have from the street-legal variants? Well it must totally have a convertible body style, it will double the number of roadgoing models, considering AMG builds droptop versions of the GT, GT S, and GT R.


With this year low sales for Mercedes comparing to the previous years, we really get why it is building new variants, it would mean reaching more customers and will put GT more closer to Porsche 911, in this way Porsche will get a strong competitor. Of course, GT isn't on Porsche's level yet, but we must admit that it's quite close to achieving that.


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